Surreale Gedanken

Beeinflusst vom Surrealismus und von Salvador Dalí inspiriert, verarbeitete Herbert Bauer in den 1970er Jahren bereits seine surrealen Gedanken. Unter dem Eindruck der Natur der heimischen Landschaften entwickelt er seine persönliche Handschrift, die sich in Form seiner Grafitstiftzeichnungen widerspiegelt.






Herbert Bauer is currently working on a new series titled “SURREALE GEDANKEN”.
A part of this series is devoted to the ICONS OF MUSIC.

He was supposed to be a musician. The enormous exercise drill from his parents led him to devote himself to painting and graphics. Like a sword of Damocles music pursued him.

Sensitive by graphite pencil, he drew his thoughts and dreams - Surreal - idiosyncratic.
He felt attracted by the "single-phobia".

Thoughts of Mozart, Verdi, Wagner and music icons of the 20th Century, coupled with Dali resulted in a graphically surreal design of his drawings.

Shapes, balls, breasts and body characterize his images. A recurring thought of compulsion, is solidified to a pictorial unity. Rarely other influences take effect.